Jared Andrew Hughes

Jared has been dancing since the age of 14. His career started in Canton, OH. He started by breakdancing under Bobby Blaze of the “IllStyle Rockers.” He soon followed this with Ballroom Dancing. He has danced salsa, argentine tango, contemporary, modern, and hip hop, just to name a few. In Ohio, he was a member of the Living Fountain Dance Company, taught for “Heartbeats to the City,” and helped create the “Canton City Crew.” In L.A. he has performed with the Hollywood Hot Shots, won numerous titles as a competitive ballroom dancer, and choreographed for stage, film and music videos. Jared looks forward to positively impacting his students.

Meet the Team

We all have a great passion and love for dancing that we want to share with anyone and everyone from beginners who want to try something new to veterans who want to perfect their craft.


Adrienne Hite


After receiving her BFA in Media and Theatre Performance,  Adrienne acquired her DVIDA certification, recognized by the National Dance Council of America. She has also won titles in the American Rhythm competitive circuit. She has been teaching dance for 10 years. She continues to work with top coaches from all over the country, not only to improve her own dancing, but to bring her students the most up to date styles and technique.


Layne Herrin


Originally from Georgia, Layne is an actor, dancer and model in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. He has worked on commercials for Jaguar and other top companies, acted in numerous films and danced in music videos. He will be dancing in San Francisco as part of a contemporary dance company performance at the end of October.


Keli Rowley


Keli began as a state champion gymnast, then transitioned to dance in college. While completing her BA in Theatre, Keli also performed with a nationally ranked dance team, was a member of her university ballet company and was the dance captain for the musical theatre department. She went on to work as a performer at Disneyland and is currently competing in American Smooth and American Rhythm in the competitive circuit.

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