Get Prepaired for Your Next Dance Competition with Lets Dance Santa Monica

Ballroom dancing is perhaps one of the most highly respected forms of sport. Seen as one of the highest honors in Europe and Asia, competitive dancing is quickly growing in popularity in the United States and South America. A combination of strength, balance, grace and technical skills, a lot of training goes into preparing for each competition. At Let’s Dance Santa Monica we offer classes and one on one training to get you competition ready as well as have fun and building up your techniques.

Getting Ready for Your Next Dance Competition

Classes Available for All Styles

Dance competitions embody a number of different styles of dancing and the best way to prepare is to learn and master each style. We offer dance classes that will help you train and learn each style all while having fun with your partner and getting in shape. Scoring for dance competition ranges from technique to showmanship and by working with a professional instructor, you will be able to get each movement fine tuned and get comfortable with the dances to put on an excellent show.

Competition Helps You Improve

With each dance class, you will be able to see your progress and know that you are developing in the right direction. Dance competitions are meant to be fun, but are also a good way to scale your talents and what you need to improve on. All improvements and talents are learned and developed during dance classes. With your professional dance instructor, you will be able to improve your skills and see yourself grow within the dance competition community.

Get started today or aim to improve your skills by signing up for a personal dance class with one of our many professional instructors.

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