Make Your First Dance Special with Let’s Dance Santa Monica

Your wedding day is one of the most special times in your life and you want to ensure that every aspect runs as smoothly as possible. One highlight of the evening will be the first dance, a milestone event that you and your partner will be able to look back on with fond feelings. Get help with choreography and training from a professional and make your wedding day special.

Make Your Wedding Day Special with These Private Dance Lessons

Create a Custom Choreography Routine

Work with a professional choreographer to get the perfect routine down. Whether you are looking for a traditional routine filled with the waltz and swing dancing or get modern with hip hop, you will be able to have fun and put on a great show for all your guests.

Great Way to Spend Time with Your Partner

Taking dance classes is a great way to spend time with your significant other. Make a date night out of every dance class and have fun while you learn new dances. Dancing is a great way to build your intimacy with your significant other and learn a new skill together.

Put on a Great Show for Your Guests

Your wedding day is all about you, but that doesn’t mean your guests can’t receive a great show. Bring in your entire wedding party and learn dance moves that are sure to wow everyone in attendance. Incorporate the dance into your first dance or choreograph a completely separate dance just for your wedding party.

Check out all dance classes offered at Let’s Dance Santa Monica and make your big day even more special with a custom dance lesson.

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