Plan the Ultimate Date Night with Let’s Dance Santa Monica

Whether you are looking for a first date idea or just trying to mix it up, a great date should include dancing. Get close to the person you are with and learn a variety of dances from all over the world from our highly skilled instructors. Check out one of our many dance classes offered at Let’s Dance Santa Monica and have the perfect date night out.

Plan the Perfect Date Night with Let’s Dance Santa Monica

Learn New Dances

We offer a wide variety of dance classes that are perfect for a date night. With specialty dances like, Salsa, Tango and Swing you can pair up with your significant other and dance the night away. Learning new things together will help bring you both closer as a couple.

Perfect for All Skill Levels

All of our classes cater to beginners and those just looking to fine tune their skills. No matter if you and your partner are at different levels, you can still have a good time. Over time you and your partner can grow in skill levels and showcase your talents out on the dance floor. This can foster up a friendly competition as you progress and master the art of the dance.

Get Fit Together

Dancing is an excellent form of fitness and having someone to share that experience with you makes it even better. You will be able to have fun and at the same time burn some calories. You can then head out for a well deserved meal and spend even more quality time with your significant other.

Check out all of our dance classes offered throughout the week as well as sign up for our competitive ballroom dancing.

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